Annual UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference


Annual UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference

Hosted by Oxford Brookes University | 9 – 11 September 2014



The UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference provided a leading forum to discuss contemporary planning issues and the position of the planning profession in the 21st century. The conference also celebrated 100 years of the Royal Town Planning Institute, with a dedicated session and centenary address on 100 Years of Planning.


  1. Future Proofing Society (Climate change, demographic change, health, resilience)
  2. Planning for Regeneration and Economic Growth
  3. Planning Policy and Governance (Neighbourhood Planning; Localism, Strategic Planning)
  4. Planning History
  5. Social Justice and Planning
  6. Urban Design and the Public Realm
  7. Smart Cities; Mobility and transportation policy
  8. Large scale projects and infrastructure planning



Pre-meeting - Tuesday 9th September
12.30 – 14.00 Arrival; Welcome to Oxford Brookes (Abercrombie Building AB.115)
14.00 – 16.00 CHOPS Meeting? (Frank/Silver + Samer/McArthy) (AB.115)
PhD/New Researchers – Tour of Oxford
16.00 – 18.00 Refreshments
18.00 – 20.00 "Affordable Oxford" event – SB/DD/BC (AB.115)
20.00 – ? Evening social time in Oxford City Centre
Day 1 - Wednesday 10th September
09.30 – 10.30 Arrival and Registration
10.30 – 12.00 Plenary Session:
Yvonne Rydin
RTPI Address
(JHBB Lecture Theatre)
12.00 – 13.30 Lunch - The Terrace, JHBB
13.30 – 15.00 Parallel Sessions 1:
Future Proofing Society
Planning Policy and Governance
Social Justice and Planning
Smart Cities: Mobility and Transportation Policy
15.00 – 15.30 Tea/Coffee
16.00 – 17.30 Parallel Sessions 2:
Future Proofing Society
Planning Policy and Governance - Roundtable: 'The University and the Grassroots'
Social Justice and Planning
Planning for Regeneration and Economic Growth
19.00 – Conference Dinner, Wolfson Room, St. Edmund Hall
Day 2 - Thursday 11th September
09.00 – 10.30 Parallel Sessions 3:
Future Proofing Society
Social Justice and Planning
Planning Policy and Governance
Urban Design and the Public Realm
10.30 – 11.00 Tea/Coffee
11.00 – 12.30 Parallel Sessions 4:
Urban Design and the Public Realm
Planning Policy and Governance
Large scale projects and infrastructure planning
Planning History
12.30 – 14.00 Lunch
PNUK Roundtable ‘Take Back Planning’
14.00 – 15.30 Parallel Sessions 5:
Planning for Regeneration and Economic Growth
Urban Design and the Public Realm
Large scale projects and infrastructure planning
15.30 – 16.00 Depart

Future Proofing (FPS) (Wed/Thurs)

Session 1 - Health and the City:

  • Grey Matters: Building a resilient city to respond to the challenge of demographic change - Rose Gilroy (Newcastle)
  • Dispersed Settlement Patterns and Active Living Environments; A Northern Ireland Case Study – Sara Ferguson (QUB)
  • From Cholera to Cholesterol: understanding the interrelationships between health, house design and planning policy - Elena Marco, Sarah Burgess

Session 2 - Food and waste:

  • Agroecological localisation: a core practice for ecological food provision? – Jyotsna Ram (Oxford Brookes)
  • The cultural ecosystem services of waste repositories - Danielle Sinnett, Katie Williams (UWE)
  • Mapping the Mersey Forest: Exploring the Significance of Community-Scale Green Infrastructure – Gemma Jerome (Liverpool)
  • Food systems planning and the city-region: Mapping policy perceptions and alignment with climate impact - Richard Nunes, Alistair Clewer (Reading)

Session 3 - Resilience and climate change adaptation:

  • Resilient urban morphology in adapting to climate change impact, a theoretical framework - Tapan Dhar, Luna Khirfan (Waterloo, Ontario);
  • Future proofing society by developing an integrated approach to estuarine and coastal management in Ireland – Christina Kelly (Queen's University, Belfast)
  • Development of normative values for assessing cumulative environmental impacts of marine renewable energy projects currently within the planning system – Bridget Durning

Planning for Regeneration and Economic Growth (PREG) (Wed/Thurs)

Session 1: Planning, growth and markets:

  • Lobbying and planning - Tim Marshall
  • Reconstructing planning: the influence of economic growth – Sarah Longlands
  • Delivering Growth? Planning and growth management in the South East of England – Nick Phelps (UCL), Dave Valler (Oxford Brookes)

Session 2: Economic Development and Regeneration Policy:

  • Mind the Gap: The Conceptualisation of Temporary Use in Brownfield Redevelopment – Michael Martin (and theme 6?)
  • Funding Infrastructure Provision through Value Capture: examining the implementation of the UKs Community Infrastructure Levy – Brian S. Peel
  • Neighbourhood Change and Deprivation in the Greater Manchester City-Region – Stephen Hincks

Planning Policy and Governance (PPG) (Wed/Thurs)

Session 1 - Neighbourhood Planning:

  • User experience of neighbourhood development planning in England – Gavin Parker
  • Encouraging greater public participation in neighbourhood planning following the Localism Act 2011 – an ethnographic examination of the values, culture and motivations of community involvement in neighbourhood planning in England – Richard Nickson
  • Simplification of local administration in Europe. Levels and dimensions - Greg Lloyd, Deborah Peel

Session 2 – Roundtable: ‘The University and the Grassroots’

  • Introductory Paper: Re-connecting town and gown: the role of planning education in neighbourhood planning under Localism - Samer Bagaeen, Georgia Wrighton and Mike Gibson

Session 3 – Changing Processes of Planning

  • Towards a new incremental Planning system – David Farnsworth
  • Coregulation as a Form of New Planning Policy – Aksel Ersoy
  • Collecting Everyday Life Stories; Rethinking Participatory Planning Practices - Moozhan Shakeri, Richard Kingston, Nuno Pinto
  • Understanding perceptions of procedural justice in contested landscapes: a case study from South Australia - Anna Leditschke, Matthew W. Rofe and Rowena Butland

Session 4: Restructuring Planning and Practice

  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: the challenging role of the planning inspectorate in the new English national planning system - Hannah Hickman and Martin Boddy, UWE
  • Towards the Ensuring State: Integrated governance and sustainable urban development in the European Union - Stephen Hall, Danielle Sinnett
  • The Practice of Planning Reform in Central Government: How the everyday practices and institutions of planning in central government shape and are shaped by planning policy and reform – Daniel Slade
  • Shaping the relationship between people and place: a constructive interface between community planning and spatial planning - Gavan Rafferty
  • The city of ideas: weaving dreams into place – Delle Odeleye

Planning History (PH) (Thurs)

  • ‘Land planning - F. B Gillie and the elusive middle way’ - Michael Hebbert
  • Planning across the ‘Iron Curtain’: Anglo-Soviet interchanges in the Khrushchev era - Stephen V Ward
  • TAYplan: a modern articulation of Geddes’ thinking? - Deborah Peel, Greg Lloyd

Social Justice and Planning (SJP) (Wed/Thurs)

Session 1 – Justice and Planning:

  • Unfolding Non-Linear Possibilities of Action for Planning in the Framework of Spatial Justice - Ansaloni Francesca, Tedeschi Miriam
  • Divine Justice? Virtue and the Common Good: Is there a place for theological idea in Planning? – Katie McClymont
  • Inclusive place-based leadership: moving beyond neo-liberalism - Robin Hambleton
  • Bruising Encounters: doing justice to citizens’ stories of planning disputes - Lee Crookes and Andy Inch

Session 2 - International Perspectives:

  • Long term prognosis of slum rehabilitation sites in cities of global south: a failure or success? - Sejal Patel, Komal Gupta
  • ‘Poverty’ and ‘Place’ through the eyes of the poor: Lessons from developing a conceptual framework, D-SPACE in southern India - Deepak Gopinath, Murali Nair
  • Urban Public Spaces and Protest in the Context of the Arab Spring – Majdi Faleh

Session 3 - Social Justice and Planning in the UK:

  • Understanding UK planning’s limitations in addressing racial inequality: the promise of critical race theory - Richard Gale, Huw Thomas
  • Patterns and Process of Migration in Northern Ireland - Carey Doyle
  • Does ‘Joining in the #Conversation’ really matter? Reflections on social influence and media injustices in Sheffield - Annie Cruz-Porter

UDPR – Urban Design and the Public Realm (Thurs)

Session 1 – Urban Heritage:

  • Valuing public space in historic towns and cities – Alan Reeve
  • A New Opportunity for Partnership between Urban Designers and Engineers – Peter Jones
  • The complexities of the interpretation, administration and protection of ‘heritage’ and ‘character’ in the modern urban environment: An Australian case study - Anna Leditschke, Rowena Butland and Matthew W. Rofe
  • Transferable Lessons from Poundbury – Georgia Butina Watson and Avar Almukhtar
  • Temporary intervention and long term legacy: lessons from London case studies - Krystallia Kamvasinou

Session 2 – Design and Open Space:

  • Transforming neighbourhoods – Georgia Butina Watson and Liz Kessler
  • User-journey mapping as a tool for place-making in Gulf cities - Ian Lyne
  • Locally responsive public space design - Huiming Liu
  • As public space is increasingly used as a forum for private communication, is it still public? - Hee Sun (Sunny) Choi, Georgia Butina-Watson

Session 3 – Urban Transformation and Pedagogy:

  • Impact of Urban Intensification on Design Qualities in the Built Environment – Soroush Nikeghbali
  • How have minorities been negotiating with the planning system: lessons in self-determination – Maria Faraone
  • BrookesBUDS: impacting student learning and the development of international professional skills with a real-life urban design experience in Brazil - Laura Novo de Azevedo, Nina Sharp, Sean Kelly
  • Reflections on research and practice - William R Chandler

Smart Cities: Mobility and Transportation Policy (SCMT) (Wed/Thurs)

  • cycleBOOM so far - Tim Jones, Ben Spencer and Nick Beale
  • What is a ‘smart’ city and what does it mean for Planning and Planners? - Richard Kingston
  • Smart city solutions – David Ludlow
  • Larger, denser, 21st century cities: Planning for sustainable travel in a new era - Peter Headicar

Large scale projects and infrastructure planning LSP/IP (Thurs)

  • Infrastructure, planning and the command of time – Tim Marshall, Richard Cowell
  • The Community Infrastructure Levy – A planning gain? – Adam Sheppard, Janet Askew, Lorraine O’Conner
  • Post-crisis infrastructure planning: new challenges for participatory planning - Christine Cheyne
  • Cruise Tourism, Regeneration and Infrastructure: the need for access – John McCarthy
  • Major Projects and Community Benefits Agreements - Handle with Care – John Glasson





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